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3 Reasons to Become a Notary Public

If you’ve ever needed to have documents notarized, you might have come away from that meeting wondering if becoming a notary public is something you should consider. Many people don’t realize that the process of becoming a notary is not usually particularly complicated. Here are three reasons why pursuing notary public status might be a worthwhile goal for you.

1. Boost Your Resume

Having notary public status makes you more valuable in many industries, including banking and insurance. Having this skill on your resume can make you a more interesting candidate to hiring teams. Companies that frequently need documents notarized can save money and time by having a notary public as an employee. Typically, your notary public duties would not be your primary job — you’d be hired into a different position that you’re qualified for — but you’d notarize documents as needed in addition to your daily work.

2. Earn Extra Income

Becoming a notary public is a fairly straightforward and inexpensive process in most states, making it an attractive option for people looking to make a little extra money outside of their primary job. Depending on the state, people looking to become a notary need to submit their state’s application and filing fee, take any  required training, pass a background check, become bonded, and buy the necessary supplies such as stamps and notary seals. Once you’re officially recognized as a notary public you can offer your services to individuals requiring notarized documents such as a living will or power of attorney. In addition you can notarize documents at mortgage closings as an independent contractor. Most states have limits on how much you can charge per notarized signature, but if you’re traveling to meet people who require your services, you may also be able to charge mobile service fees.

3. Perform Community Service

Many notaries enjoy donating their time to provide notary services to those in need who do not have easy access to a notary public or cannot afford the typical fees. Senior citizens on a fixed budget may need to have their living wills notarized. College students might require proof of college enrollment for various aid programs. Donating your time and professional services to those in need is a great way to be involved in your community in a helpful way.

Becoming a notary public offers many benefits, and can be an inexpensive way to increase your professional skills and be of service to your community.

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