6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Business Lawyer

Business lawyers are trained to take care of any legal matter that arises in your company. It’s important to ensure that when you hire a business lawyer, you choose someone who is experienced in practicing business law. You also need to work with someone who understands your business and is trustworthy. If you’re in the process of coming up with a list of potential business lawyers in Melbourne, this article will look at six questions you should ask to find the perfect fit for your business.

What Experience Does the Lawyer Have in Your Industry?

Different industries require lawyers with specific knowledge. Service contracts, franchise agreements and intellectual property are common, but each industry has its complexities when it comes to these areas. If the lawyer you plan to hire has no experience in your sector, then this might make it harder for you to go through the legalities in the right way. Ask the potential candidate about their experience in your industry so you can be sure they’re the right choice.

Is the Lawyer Serving Clients Who Could Cause a Conflict?

Ensure that the potential candidates don’t have any clients who are your previous partners or competitors. It can be a conflict when you share sensitive information with a lawyer who also serves your competitors.

What is the Approach of the Lawyer Towards Conflict Resolution?

You need to assess how your potential lawyer manages their time. Do they spend more effort in fighting in court, or in mediating disputes? Check that the approach resonates with how you want cases to be handled, and make your decision based on how the lawyer handles conflict resolution.

What is the Communication Style of the Lawyer with Clients?

It’s crucial to understand how a lawyer communicates with their clients. While some lawyers will only communicate through office meetings, others can communicate through mail or phone. Ideally, you want to work with a lawyer who will respond to your queries promptly when you have them, and also work with someone who appreciates the fact that a timely response offers the client peace of mind. Once you know the lawyer’s communication style, base your decision on their answer.

Who Else Will Be Working On Your Cases?

Lawyers often assign cases to paralegals. Ensure that you ask about the workload the paralegals will handle, as you don’t want too much of the work to be handled by paralegals. The bottom line is that you’re not investing in a paralegal – you’ve committed to a board-certified lawyer. It can also be irritating to have multiple conversations around one topic with a paralegal as well as your lawyer.

How is the Lawyer Billing the Services?

Some business lawyers in Melbourne offer a flat rate, while others charge per hour. Other lawyers also have increments of 10 minutes, while some can’t bill anything less than an hour. You will also find some lawyers who offer additional charges for different services such as paralegals and couriers. If you want to avoid experiencing bill shock, ask the lawyer for their billing framework before you hire them.

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