A Look at Family Lawyers

An Overview of Family Lawyers

Family lawyers, true to their name, specialise in the world of family law. They tackle matters that pertain to familial relationships. That’s why they often zero in on divorce and separation matters. Attorneys who concentrate on family law strive to aid individuals who are part of all kinds of disputes that involve families.

A family lawyer may work on a broad array of case types. He or she may work on cases that involve the following pertinent topics:

  • Divorce (including collaborative divorce)
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Division of property
  • Separation agreements
  • Prenuptial/postnuptial agreements
  • Domestic violence matters
  • Marital tort claims
  • Adoption
  • Family law court order enforcement and adjustments

What exactly ties these case types together? They tie in with familial relationships without any exceptions. Divorce especially can be a taxing situation for the members of families. If a lawyer takes on a divorce case, he or she may have to delve into a vast assortment of “offshoots.” These include but are not limited to spousal support, division of property, child support and, last but certainly not least, child custody. Parents who are splitting up often have “battles” that involve who will receive primary custody. Couples who are splitting up frequently have disagreements that relate to alimony and similar monthly payments as well.

Attorneys who specialise in family law know the ins and outs of divorce proceedings. They have the expertise necessary to push their clients in the right directions. They diligently help their clients come up with strategies that can accommodate their circumstances and requirements extremely well.

Family Law Terminology and Services

Family lawyers are well-versed in all sorts of terms that fall under the family law umbrella. They offer clients services that are completely relevant to these subjects, too. “Emancipation” refers to a court process that enables minors to support themselves as adults. If a teenager wants to live independently away from his or her parents, he or she may request emancipation assistance from a knowledgeable family law lawyer.

“Paternity” is another big topic in the family law universe. If a father questions whether he is legitimately the biological parent of a child, he may seek legal assistance from an experienced family attorney.

“Alimony” is a kind of financial support that is transferred from a spouse to another post-separation or post-divorce. Couples frequently dispute alimony sums and because of that seek help from family lawyers.

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