Common Hurdles When Going Through the Divorce Process

When you are separating from your spouse or looking for a divorce lawyer, you will face some issues. When getting married, everyone looks forward to spending the rest of their lives together in bliss. Sometimes though, they might develop problems that then lead to separation.

There are various reasons as to why a couple may separate or divorce. Sometimes they drift apart, while in other instances, it is a result of irreconcilable differences. It’s essential to be familiar with some of the potential hurdles to prepare yourself in advance. These are some of the issues.

During the divorce process

  1. An inability to be present during the proceedings

Some people cannot be present at their divorce proceedings to defend themselves primarily because of the nature of their jobs. For instance, if you work in the military, the proceedings may end up in default because of your absence. Thankfully countries like the U.S. have the SMCRA that protects military spouses deployed when still undergoing this process. Such laws allow your case to be re-opened when you get back, allowing you to defend yourself.

This can be very beneficial, especially if you are battling over child custody. If you are not in the army, you can still get a reputable Daytona divorce lawyer to ensure that you get a fair trial anyway.

  1. Debt and property division

Another conflicting matter that you might come across while going through a divorce is debt and property division. In some states, cases of unfaithfulness play a part in determining the alimony. While it might be easier for you and those concerned to file a no-fault divorce, it won’t help your case, especially if the spouse was unfaithful.

Filing a fault divorce may be more in your favor. If your spouse was unfaithful, include that in the proceedings. Although it may be unpleasant for you, it will have a more positive outcome, especially when it comes to the custody of your children.

After the divorce 

  • Discovering hidden information regarding estates

Sometimes when your marriage is dissolved, you leave without any compensation from your ex-spouse. One of the problems you might face after the divorce is discovering that they hid their estate worth. In such a situation, you’ll need to work with your divorce lawyer to uncover this new financial data and bring it to light.

It will enable you to claim what rightfully belongs to you. It is common for spouses to hide assets while going into divorce. Therefore, a good lawyer will know how to work your case to your benefit.

The divorce process is an arduous one. Thus, it is unwise to celebrate it earlier on after it has been finalized. Ensure that you are thorough during the beginning of the process. A reasonable attorney will take you through each step of the proceedings and hold your hand during this stressful and draining process. Additionally, give accurate information in totality, as a few mistakes might cost you.

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