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Essential Types of Documentation Necessary in Personal injury Cases 

Personal injures are common happenings in Texas and many other parts of the globe. They result from auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice and more. These injuries can be devastating leading to loss of income and sometimes death. If you have suffered personal injuries, you should file a claim to seek compensation for your damages. In this case, a personal injury attorney will come in handy. Documentation is also critical, and you need proper records to prove your case.

Why is documentation essential in personal injury cases? 

 Your attorney will need updated records to fight for your rights. There’s no way you can prove to the court or insurance company that you incurred injuries if you lack adequate documentation. For instance, you require medical records and receipts from a licensed doctor. You also need an injury diary detailing your health condition since you suffered the injuries.

 What are the types of documents necessary in my personal injury case?

  1. Medical records 

 Medical records are vital documents in personal injury cases. They are presumably the first detail that personal injury attorneys from The Echavarria Law Firm will ask for. With these records, you make the lawyer’s work easier and expedite the process. You also allow the attorney to examine your case and understand the scope of your injuries.

The type of treatment received will help determine the most suitable settlement during negotiations. Other medical records are also vital. They may include payment receipts and information on the existing conditions before the accident.

  1. Medical bills& Expenses

 Keep a record of all bills and expenses incurred during treatment. These are the expenses related to the injuries suffered due to the accident and may include;

  • Caregiver wages
  • Hotel rooms paid for when travelling for treatment
  • Special equipment used during treatment

Also, document the off days taken off work due to the injuries suffered. In some cases, you may be disabled and unable to work anymore. Your attorney will need a document detailing the medical expenses and the income lost due to the injuries.

  1. Police report & Copy of your insurance policy

 Find copies of your insurance policy and submit them to your attorney. The professional will need them even if you’re not at fault. Also, share the police report, if any; this is common in automobile and motorcycle accidents.

  1. Injury dairy

 You may suffer multiple injuries making it difficult to keep track of the pain and suffering months later. This makes it vital to record your health condition, medications taken and events missed due to the injury. Also, capture information on mobility limitations and share the details with your attorney.

The bottom line

Personal injury cases are lengthy and mainly result from damages suffered in auto accidents, medical malpractice, and sometimes workplace injuries. Contact a personal injury lawyer if you’re facing such a situation and don’t know how to begin. The professional will guide you to file a compensation claim. They will also take you through the entire process and represent you in court. This will save time and make it easy to get compensation for your damages and lost income.

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