Factors Affecting Car Accident Settlements & Why You Need an Attorney

After suffering injuries in a car accident, you may get stuck with hospital bills and other damages, including lost wages. In this case, you want to get the most reasonable settlement and hold the liable party accountable. However, car accident cases are complex, and you require the help of an attorney to get the compensation you deserve. Also, many other factors affect your settlement amount. These include;

  1. Liability

 Car accidents mainly involve more than one party, and it may not be clear who’s at fault. If you’re partly at fault, this may reduce your settlement depending on the percentage of fault.

  1. Type of injuries

There are different types of car accident injuries; these range from fractures, neck injuries, brain injuries, whiplash, and more. The severity of your injuries determines how much compensation you get. Again, more severe injuries require frequent hospital visits, surgeries, medication, and specialized care. Therefore, an attorney will always fight for a higher settlement when you suffer serious injuries.

The medical bills also matter! The Grillo Law firm attorneys will examine your medical expenses to determine the extent of your losses. And this makes it vital to maintain proper records.

  1. 3. Time taken to seek medical attention

It’s advisable to seek medical attention immediately. Some injuries may take longer to show signs following an accident but maybe fatal later on. The doctor will examine you and perform multiple tests to unearth and hidden injuries. If you don’t seek prompt medical attention, it will be difficult to prove whether the injuries resulted from the said accidents. And you may end up losing your right to compensation.

  1. Witness testimonies

If witnesses, driver, or passengers give conflicting statements about the accident, this will affect the determination of liability. This will make it difficult for the officials to determine fault and can affect your settlement amount. And this is because settlement solely depends on being able to prove liability.

  1. Type of job& Lost wages

Some injuries may limit you from attending to usual tasks at work. For instance, if your job entails lifting heavy objects, fractures may keep you from work for some weeks or months. This will then determine your settlement. Also, if y you miss work due to the injuries incurred, this may lead to lost wages. The amount should cater to the economic loss suffered.

Why do I need an attorney during car accident settlements?

 Car accident lawyers understand the different types of personal injuries and their worth. The professionals will review your medical reports to determine the extent of the injuries and come up with a reasonable figure. Bearing this in mind, the professionals will negotiate with the insurance firm on your behalf and present all the evidence to prove that you deserve a reasonable settlement. Without an attorney, you can easily settle for a lower amount or lose everything.

In summary, different types of injuries attract varying settlement values. Also, many other factors come into play. By hiring an experienced attorney, you can be sure to ease the process and get what’s rightfully yours.

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