Finding a Lawyer in New York

You are about to enter into a sale agreement, but you are not sure about specific details in the document. Do you let it slide and trust in the goodness of the other party, or do you exercise due diligence and hire an attorney to go through the agreement?

The world of business is tricky and full of unscrupulous people. If you are not careful, you can lose all your life’s savings in one fell swoop.

Ideally, exercise due diligence by acquiring the services of an experienced and qualified lawyer.

Typically, New York has thousands of attorneys, and finding the best fit for your needs may not be as simple as you may think. But you can get a referral from the bar association in New York for a reduced consultation fee. Your friends and relatives are also good places to look for referrals.

Ways to Find a Lawyer

The state bar association’s referral service is one of the best ways to acquire the services of a good lawyer. Usually, the association will ask for a description of the issue to match you with a good lawyer. Be as open as possible with the other person on the line, and keep in mind anything shared is confidential.

Gather all helpful documents such as injury reports or sale agreements and take them to the lawyer the association referred. Have a summary of what happened and ask questions when you get there. Don’t assume anything.

It is always helpful to know how much you’ll be charged and your chances of winning the case. If the interaction or the answers provided are not satisfactory, you can always request a new lawyer.

You can get good business lawyer referrals from the local chamber of commerce. Other people with a business like yours may know a suitable lawyer, and they may be more than willing to help. Also, a lawyer that previously helped you on a specific matter will have a few suggestions from specialized colleagues such as Tully Rinckey. Call them up and request a referral.

Findlaw and other online directories may also be quite valuable in getting contacts such as Tully Rinckey law for your case.

A professional and experienced lawyer is your best bet on winning a specific legal dispute. Of course, you are always free to represent yourself, but doing so reduces your chances of winning, and you could incur losses in the process. An excellent professional lawyer will cost you an amount, but the services they offer may prevent a criminal record or a paralyzing legal liability.

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