How Much Do Personal Injury Claims Cost?

Without initially examining your case and gathering proof that connects your accident to your damages, it is hard to determine with any degree of accuracy how much your personal injury claim might be worth. Almost any expense or loss that happened as a result of the accident or your injuries is a potential source of recoverable damages.

We advise consulting a personal injury attorneys in Scranton, PA to pursue the compensation you are due. Even if you manage the initial phases of the insurance claim by yourself, it can be beneficial to have a lawyer analyse your case to make sure you are pursuing a reasonable settlement.

A Fair Settlement Value Can Help You Acquire a Better Understanding.

We need to get a complete picture of the losses you sustained due to your accident before we can assign a value to your personal injury case in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. We must look into your accident to do this. Documenting your costs and losses is part of this, as is gathering evidence to show who is at fault.

As a result, we might need to

  • Talk to witnesses
  • Obtain a copy of the police report
  • Examine the scene of the accident
  • Get any accident-related video or images from the scene that are accessible.
  • Occasionally, work with experts in accident reconstruction
  • A copy of your pertinent medical records should be obtained.
  • Amass your invoices, estimations, and other evidence of your outlays of money.

Building a case on your behalf requires demonstrating the costs and losses associated with personal injury accidents. We cannot determine how much money you lost as a result of the accident without a record of your damages. We have no clue how much your case might be worth until we take this action.

You might be settling for less than your case is worth if you accept a settlement offer before having an attorney look into your case. A personal injury attorney can assist you in negotiating a reasonable settlement that adequately reimburses you for your damages, losses, and other costs.

Several Different Damages Might Be Recoverable 

The types of losses and costs you incur greatly impact the recoverable damages in a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury accident may result in the following types of damages:

  • The expense of medical treatment
  • Transportation fees for ambulances
  • prescribed medications
  • Treatment and rehabilitation
  • perks and lost wages
  • lower potential for income
  • harm to property
  • unreimbursed costs
  • suffering, losses, and pain

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