How to adapt to American campus life?

The trend of globalization has intensified. Many people choose to study abroad after graduation to make themselves more competitive. Of course, the United States, a large immigrant country, has become the first choice because of its advanced level and educational advantages. However, foreign students are outside, and they need to pay attention to all aspects before they can get into trouble. First of all, we need to pay attention to the issue of legal status. After the student status expires, the green card and l1 visa (also known as l1签证), h1b work visa become the choice of most people. However, due to the tightening of immigration policies, the difficulty of application has continued to increase. It is relatively easy to choose a more professional goh1b to help apply. There are many immigration law firms in the United States, and the fees are different. The services are also different, so what about goh1b (also known as goh1b怎么样)? Goh1b has a lot of praise, basically no bad reviews, and customers who have received their services generally think it is very good.

Being in a classroom where most American students and American professors are in class may be a feeling of fear. In China, students are always sitting quietly in their seats, copying notes, or simply following the textbook content and correctly writing down the textbooks. In principle, there is no difference in class in the United States, but students are often required to actively participate in discussions and ask questions. For Chinese students, they will be very unaccustomed. American professors often ask students to participate in class discussions, ask questions, or express personal opinions. In fact, participation in the classroom is often part of the semester score. The professor believes that class discussion can assess what you have learned and see if you have the ability to engage in intellectual conversations with professors and classmates. Part of Western education emphasizes teaching students how to think independently and how they express themselves. A lot of knowledge is found in the book, so the teacher focuses on how to help students interpret the course content in a more meaningful way.

Working in the United States or internships, work visas are essential. There are many people looking for a job in New York (also known as 纽约找工作). The best way to improve the refusal rate in recent years is to find a professional law firm to help. This is another expense. The price of many law firms is relatively high, and goh1b has been welcomed by international students with its professional standards and high cost performance. There are also many choices to return to China to find a job after studying abroad, so the certificate of returned students (also known as 留学回国人员证明) is indispensable and will greatly help you in your domestic development.

Based on these differences, Chinese students will have a big impact when they first arrive in the United States. If they see American students constantly asking questions or answering questions, or even challenging professors, they will feel very uncomfortable and think that these students are so arrogant. Disrespect, students should absolutely obey the authority of the professor. Moreover, my English is so bad, why do I want to make a fool of me in public?

How to deal with these problems? If you have insufficient English communication skills and confidence in using English, it is best to take the ESL Prerequisite. Many people think that attending English classes will hinder the obstruction of professional courses. In fact, ESL classes can help the understanding, oral expression and research skills of professional courses. However, it is not enough to teach English in the past. It is also necessary to know how to use English for real life and keep using it. It is best not to spend time with students or friends in your own country, so that English is not used.

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