Is Lane Splitting For Motorcycles Illegal?

Motorcycle lane splitting involves driving between lanes of stationary or slowly moving vehicles. This action is extremely dangerous and can result in an accident. The fault for such an action will depend on state laws and the perspective of a judge or police officer. In New York, lane splitting is illegal unless you have a special license and have been riding for at least two years.

Lane splitting

There are some tips and tricks to keep road users safe when lane splitting for motorcycles. For example, it’s important to keep two feet on either side of the vehicle when you’re lane splitting. You need to keep this space for other road users’ wing mirrors, and to allow your bike some lateral movement. Always be aware of other road users and take into account the conditions you’re driving in, including bad weather, uneven surfaces, and wide vehicles.

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In congested traffic, motorcycles can make more room for other motorists. This reduces traffic congestion, and can also help reduce fuel consumption. One recent study by the Transport and Mobility Laboratory (TML) in Belgium found that lane splitting for motorcycles can reduce fuel consumption by as much as ten percent, and could even reduce tailpipe emissions.


Lane splitting for motorcycles is not illegal in all states. It is permitted in Montana but must be done in a manner that does not endanger oncoming traffic. The motorcyclist must travel no faster than 20 mph while keeping the speed of the traffic behind him to less than 10 mph. Virginia is considering similar legislation for motorcycle lane filtering. In Hawaii, motorcycles can ride side-by-side, but must always remain within 10 mph of the ambient traffic speed. Other states have not passed legislation, but motorists may still receive citations for violating the law.

New York law

Lane splitting is the practice of riding between two lanes of traffic. This practice is illegal in 49 states. In New York, it is legal for motorcycles to share the road. However, drivers must follow certain rules when doing so.

Utah law

In the state of Utah, motorcyclists can filter through stopped traffic by moving to the front of the line at red lights. This practice allows motorcyclists to avoid collisions with larger vehicles and make driving safer. But it is important to note that this type of filtering is not legal on freeways.

Utah allows lane splitting for motorcycles

In Utah, lane splitting for motorcycles is legal. However, motorcyclists must use extreme caution when doing this. They should not attempt this maneuver if they do not know how to do it properly. Even though it is legal in Utah, it should only be practiced by experienced riders.


A recent study looked at the safety of lane splitting for motorcycles. The research showed that lane splitting does not increase the risks of motorcycle accidents when motorcycles are traveling at the same speed as other vehicles. However, the risks increase significantly if motorcycles are traveling at speeds that are 10 MPH or higher than surrounding traffic. Also, the research found that about 21 percent of motorcyclists in California were lane splitting while on the road, and nearly thirty percent did so while stopped in traffic.

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