Keeping Safe Around Dangerous Dogs

50% of dog bites come from a pet owned by a friend or family member of the victim. 4.5 million individuals in America are bitten by dogs every year, with most of the victims being young children. It’s important for dog owners do the necessary work and notice warning signs in order provide a safe environment with the pet around.

First, remember that every dog has animal instincts and can lash out at anybody, including the owner. Size or gender does not matter, a dog will bite if it feels threatened. Biting isn’t breed specific either; any dog can react negatively if provoked. Dog bites can also cause an infection to the afflicted. If bitten, act quickly, irrigate the wound, and seek medical attention — and if necessary, legal counsel.

Dogs often bite in reaction to an uncomfortable situation, such as a loud or being in an unfamiliar situation. When these situations escalate and the dog feels threatened, it may choose to defend itself the only way it knows how. The dog could also be doing this to protect something else, like territory, food, toys, or offspring.

One could spay or neuter their pet to make them less aggressive, however easier methods such as prioritizing regular exercise and obedience training are tried and true. Another way is to allow the dog to be social from a young age. This allows the dog to get more comfortable in various situations with other people and animals. Owners should also teach their children (if necessary) to identify dangerous situations and how to deescalate.

For more advice on how to prevent dog bites, please see the accompanying resource provided by Van Sant Law.

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