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Parking Lot Accidents

With all the different safety features being added to newer model motor vehicles, government regulations, safety programs, and more being implemented, death and injuries from motor vehicle accidents continue to escalate.

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Motor vehicle-related injuries send more than 2.3 million people to hospital emergency departments every year.” Sometimes the figures blow your mind while giving a clearer picture of what motorists and pedestrians face daily.

How Often Do Parking Lot Accidents Occur

However, there is one frequently occurring accident that many people do not hear much about. That’s parking lot accidents. The National Safety Council (NSC) says 60 percent of parking lot accidents occur in a Parking lot.

Nearly 10 percent of the parking lots’ death that occur do so while the driver is backing up. The first thing to do when you are injured in a parking lot accident is to call a personal injury lawyer immediately if the situation permits.

Parking lots are more hazardous than many people believe. Thousands of collisions occur in parking lots and garage buildings every year, concluding in hundreds of casualties and many thousand people getting injured. If you or someone you know has been wounded in a parking lot accident, you must contact a personal injury lawyer.

According to the NSC, insurance companies say that their claim number escalate during the holiday when more people are out shopping. The NSC believes the numbers are higher than the Insurance companies report since many parking lot accidents go unreported.

Who is Liable?

Liability is a legitimate term for negligence. Legal liability means a person or entity is accountable for performing an action that led to personal injuries or property destruction.

Often law enforcement personnel do not show up for parking lot accidents, so the onus is on you to document what occurred and try to obtain witnesses. If you sustained severe injuries, have someone else do it and call a personal injury lawyer.

In certain states, insurance companies and lawyers use a comparative fault system to analyze reimbursement in personal injury lawsuits. Both parties peruse the accident information to see who had the greater responsibility for the accident.

The driver found to be entirely at fault will be responsible for all damages, but if both drivers are at fault, then the state negligence laws will assume which insurance compensates for what.

In the majority of parking lot mishaps, no one wants to acknowledge responsibility. Most drivers blame the other or the pedestrian saying they were at fault. It is essential to know that conceding or withholding fault directly after an accident is not crucial to reach out to your injury lawyer if you’ve been hurt.

Can Parking Lot Owner Be Held Liable?

Many times, it’s not only the driver who is at fault; but the operators or owners of the parking lot may need to be held accountable as well. In addition to the possible disadvantage of both motorists, a third party, such as the parking lot proprietor or manager, could be answerable for damages or injuries occurring in their parking yard. Premises liability is an essence of law that gives rise to the premises owner is responsible for particular injuries undergone by persons on the premises.

Situations that could make a parking lot owner liable are inadequately designed areas, which puts drivers at a high risk of an accident.

Moreover, the lot holder or manager could be accountable for traumas caused by numerous risky situations, including open or unmarked buildings or construction areas, jagged pavement, a body of water, and other issues.

Because premises liability law varies from state to state, victims should seek advice from a qualified personal injury lawyer.

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