Questions You Should Ask In Order Choose the Right Divorce Lawyer

Identifying the right attorney for your divorce case is the first step to prevent undesirable consequences. Of course, divorce by itself can be a painful episode in the lives of people concerned, but the right lawyer will make it easy for you to move on in the right direction.

If you are not looking for a no-strings-attached settlement with your ex-spouse, you will need a good lawyer. To choose the best lawyer, you must do proper research to understand the competence and track record of law firms near you.

Experienced family law attorneys will try to get out-of-court settlements that can save a lot of time and money for all the concerned parties in the case. This blog post will help you identify the right lawyer for your divorce case.

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Types of Lawyers

Before getting on with the task of selecting the attorney for your divorce case, you should understand that only a qualified lawyer can help you get out of the mess faster. You certainly would not want an amateur to take up your case, just because a friend or a relative had suggested the person to you.

●                   Lawyer – General Practitioner

These are lawyers who do not specialize solely in family law, but they will not say no to your divorce case if you approach them. A general practitioner can be of good help in family matters that are not too complicated and intense. In complex matters like divorce and child custody, you will surely need the services of a family law attorney who specializes in divorce cases.

●                   The Settlement Lawyers

These lawyers are hired for divorce and other family matters too. Generally, people fear such lawyers, as they presume the out-of-court settlement will not give them justice and they will have to settle for less. Statistics say 90% of divorce cases have amicably got settled out of the court. If you are planning to select such lawyers, get the finance terms and facts of the case on the table, before getting on with the settlement talks with the spouse.

●                   Divorce Specialist

These are the experts who can help fight the case in court with maximum information in hand. They will have good knowledge of existing and new laws. You will have to work with them closely and let them know all about the nuances of your case.

You will also see quite a bit difference in the fees charged by various lawyers. That however does not mean that those who charge less are not competent. You will need to make your choices based on your budget, but only a good lawyer will find the best ways to help you resolve your case faster.

Most of these lawyers offer a free initial consultation for their new clients. You could interview a few of them and then decide on which lawyer can help you the best. You will need to consider the financial and emotional ramifications that can take place if the case is managed poorly by your attorney. You might have to pay a little more for lawyers with a good reputation, but it will be well worth it. The sooner you get the matter settled, the better it will be for your future.

Nature of the Case – Types of Lawyers

It is also imperative for you to choose the lawyer depending on the nature of the case. While a family lawyer can help you out in some cases, there are a few more intricacies in divorce cases. Let us see some examples.

  • Financial Disclosure and Asset Division: You will certainly require a lawyer who is well-aware of all the financial aspects that are associated with divorces, because the case may divert into sharing of assets, division of property, nominees for stock investments, and a lot more. If such situations arise, you require a finance expert in the law field.
  • Child Support: While this is common in many divorce cases, you will require a family law expert for handling such matters.
  • Alimony: This is again related to finance-related Though this must be decided by the court, an arbitrator will be of great help. Lawyers can settle the case out-of-court by making both the parties agree on an amount, and solve the case in both of their favor.

You can go for the services of a general practitioner if your case is simple and straightforward. It will surely work out to be cost-effectively too. They might not be of good help to you if the case is complicated.

Important Questions to Ask Before Deciding to Hire

  • How many family law cases have you handled in your career, and what is the success rate?
  • What is the estimated timeframe for concluding the case?
  • Is it going to be you who will handle the case, or is it someone else? If your case is going to be assigned to a junior lawyer, you must interview that person too.
  • How do you charge your fees? Get to know if there?
  • Can you provide any references?


Ask the above-mentioned questions to become confident about the lawyer your wish to hire. At times, it is better to spend a little more on your lawyer in order to save on time and energy. Divorce is always a sensitive matter, where the separating partners, family members, or children will be involved. The sooner you get it settled, the easier you will find it to move on with your lives.

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