Slip& Fall Injuries- 3 Steps to Successful Claim Process

 Slips and falls are common in workplaces, restaurants, pavements and places with highly polished tiles. High traffic spits are also likely to cause fall accidents due to repeated wear of the surfaces. If you incur injuries from slips and falls, it’s advisable to contact an attorney immediately. The legal specialist will analyze your case to determine whether you’re eligible to file a slip and fall claim. However, how you go about this determines the success of the process.

 Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Report o the relevant authorities

 After a slip and fall accident, inform the supervisor immediately. Inform the people in authority about the incident. They will seek more details about the accident or request you to fill an incident report book. This will include the details of the slips and fall, time and location where the incident occurred.

 If possible, capture photos detailing the cause of the fall; this can be a broken staircase, banana pills on the floor, torn carpet and more. Moreover, take pictures to depict the extent of the injury. Most slip and fall lawyers will need this to build a solid case.

  1. Seek prompt medical help

 Slips and falls can result in severe injuries. These can be bruises, cuts, head injuries, broken bones, sprains and more. The more you delay, the more the injuries worsen. It’s best to seek medical attention immediately and get examined by a doctor.

Some injuries may not exhibit signs on the spot, and the physician will examine you and record all the damages. Keep a proper record of the doctor’s reports and payment receipts; your attorney will need them to negotiate your compensation.

  1. File a claim

 This is where most slip and fall victims make blunders. Filing a slip and fall case isn’t something that you should do by yourself. This is usually against prominent retailers and corporations, and you want the best legal representation for your case. Therefore, contact a slip and fall lawyer and have them offer their expertise. Engage slip and fall lawyers with experience handling slip and falls cases and ensure they are licensed.

Do I need to hire an attorney, and why?

 Engaging a lawyer in your case comes with many gains. Just like other personal injury cases, slip and fall cases are complex and may leave you more traumatized than you can imagine. Again, the defendant will likely hire a team of lawyers who won’t want to assume liability for your damages.

Although you can go about this by yourself, you’ll improve your chances of a reasonable settlement when you hire an attorney. The professional will offer legal advice, guidance and negotiate the best settlement amount for your case. Also, some employers may threaten you when you file a claim against the company. And the attorney will support you and help you to take the necessary legal action.

A quick wrap up

With the many slip and fall attorneys available, filing a claim has never been easier. However, you can be sure of a successful process and reasonable compensation with a skilled attorney. To get the best legal expertise, seek recommendations from friends or search online to connect with leading law firms.

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