Typical Roles of a Family Lawyer

Law is an extremely large and complex field, so much so that there are specialist legal experts for every form of law, which includes commercial, criminal, corporate and family law. The family lawyer would perform a wide range of duties on behalf of their clients, which would include all of the following:

  • Representing a Client in Divorce Proceedings – With almost one third of all Australian marriages ending in divorce, this is one of the main duties a family lawyer will undertake. By having a family lawyer assist you when seeking divorce, you are maximising your chances of a satisfactory outcome. Finding affordable Sydney family lawyers is easy with an online search, and once you have formed an association, you will have a valuable ally who will also offer emotional support.
  • Spousal Abuse – In the event one party is abusive to their partner, a family lawyer might be called upon to seek an injunction to prevent any further abuse. It has been known for people to suffer for long periods, afraid to tell anyone what they are going through, and finally, someone advises them to seek the help of a family lawyer. This abuse could take several forms, physical and emotional, and the duty of the family lawyer is to collate as much evidence about the abuse and present it to the authorities.
  • Adoption Proceedings – When a couple wish to adopt a child, they would first seek the help of an experienced family lawyer, who would assist in the application process. The lawyer would also inform the couple about expected requirements and prepare them for the adoption application process, which can be long and drawn out. It is important from the state’s perspective that potential guardians are suitable and the family lawyer offers essential assistance to the applicant.
  • Family Disputes – It might be that one member of a family feels they have not been treated fairly in the will of a recently deceased family member, and they want to contest the will, in which case, they would approach a family lawyer. Occasionally, there are cases where one family member is acting in an aggressive way and the family decide to take out a restraining order, to ensure that person is not allowed to visit the family home. This would be something a family lawyer would assist with, along with other family situations that might require legal administration.
  • Custody Issues – If a couple have divorced and one party is unhappy with the custody arrangements, they might approach a family lawyer to help resolve this. Of course, both parties should always have the children’s best interests at heart, and the divorce court would always act in the best interests of the children, regardless of all else.

If you require the services of a family lawyer, the best place to start your quest is an online search. Once you have a list of local law firm websites, you can browse until you find one that seems to meet your criteria.

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