Who To Contact If Your Lyft Gets Into An Accident

Most people have a good understanding of what they need to do if they are involved in a car accident, but what if you are riding in a Lyft which gets caught up in a collision? Given the rise in the number of people who are using these services, the risk of a collision is higher than it has ever been before. This is something that a car accident lawyer has been discussing publicly recently, and warning users of the service to make sure that they understand what to do in the event of an accident. If you are riding with Lyft then here is who you should contact if you have an accident.

The Police

The police should always be the first call that you make whenever you are involved in an accident, and the same goes if you are riding in a Lyft vehicle. It is important to note that even if the driver tries to dissuade you from calling the police, this is something which you must do. The police will come out and make sure that any debris is cleared from the road, and to ensure that all vehicles are moved to a safe place.

Contact Lyft

If there are injured persons after the accident then of course you should call an ambulance, failing that however your next call after the police should be to Lyft. There is an option on the Lyft app which you can use to contact the company and let them know about the accident. You will also find a number which you can call, in order to notify the company of what has happened. When you contact the company it is important that you let them know exactly what has taken place. The goal is to leave a statement with the police and with Lyft, as this may help you if you need to push for legal proceedings.

Seeking Legal Assistance

If you are injured in this accident then it is a smart idea to get some legal assistance so that you can proceed to make a claim against the company or the driver. There are a number of specialist legal services which deal with this kind of personal injury, and the sooner that you find one, the better it will be. The reason why speed matters is so that the team can get busy with compiling evidence from the scene, and to try and contact any witnesses who saw the accident The more evidence which you have, the better a case the legal team will be able to build, and this will improve your chances of winning the case.

It is important that you follow these steps no matter what your driver may say, and that you don’t get back in the vehicle even if the car is drivable. Making the right calls will help any case that you have in the future. And the truth is that the best thing  you could do to protect yourself and your future is to hire an experienced attorney.

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