COVID – 19 Electronic Fingerprinting Best Option – Physical Distancing

In the U.S, electronic fingerprint background check service comes under the Department of Justice (DoJ). Despite the widespread lockdown, a fingerprint background check has been classified as an essential service that needs to continue to function. For instance, in the state of California, where stay-at-home orders were passed, DoJ has been taking background checks required to serve the state.

However, amid the spread of the virus, providing electronic fingerprinting services can be complicated. It’ll take the best practice for live scan service to keep applicants and service providers safe. Some of the best practices for electronic fingerprinting include effective and preventive measures, which include regular disinfection of the electronic livescan systems to protect those at the livescan fingerprinting sites.

Covid-19 Electronic Fingerprinting Best Options

Mobile service is one of the safest ways to get your fingerprinting background checks. This is the process where live scan fingerprinting companies that offer mobile service for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations travel to your location equipped with everything required to take your fingerprint. The fingerprinting company can meet you anywhere at any time, helping reduce congestion at the various fingerprinting locations. This process also makes it convenient and easy to get fingerprinted while eliminating the nuances and hassles associated with the process. Mobile services also support executive fingerprint services, offering and supporting concierge fingerprint services with individuals with demanding and critical schedules.

You can also complete the fingerprinting process online to reduce your wait time at the live scan fingerprinting location. Most livescan fingerprinting companies will verify your ID and other documents while you are still in your car with the window rolled up. Some providers also have an open area, and the physical distance space will be enough to secure fresh airflow between clients and the provider.

Best Practices for Applicants

You should practice social distancing by maintaining a 6 feet distance between you and other applicants. You also need to take other preventive measures, such as wearing a face mask while you wait for your turn. Due to the social distancing and sanitization procedures, the process may take longer than usual, so you need to be patient and corporative. Lastly, try to carry along only what you need for the livescan fingerprinting process.

Best Practices for Electronic Fingerprinting Service Provider

When searching for the best fingerprinting locations near me, it is important that you consider their effort in combating the spread of the coronavirus. If available, the provider should perform a temperature check on all the applicants with an infrared temperature gun. Anybody showing the symptoms of Coivd-19 should be turned back. Those who have taken the covid-19 test but haven’t gotten the result should be sent back home.

Livescan fingerprinting company with a large number of incoming customers needs to make a small group and assign deferred timings for a group so that the facility is not crowd. If you go to a live scan fingerprinting location and you find a large number of customers and employees, this is not a good practice, and you should leave the location immediately. A reputable livescan fingerprinting service provider should be practicing an appointment-based schedule during this period.


Fingerprinting background check is an essential service, and many states continue to accept its requests despite the stay-at-home orders. Utilizing the electronic fingerprinting options and the covid-19 best practices discussed above will not only reduce your exposure to the virus but also contain the coronavirus from spreading further. CertifixLivescan is one of the best electronic fingerprinting service providers that does not just keep everyone involved safe and healthy during the outbreak; you can also trust them to do the job right.

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