Renovating and Cleaning Your Old Store in 4 Easy Steps

Companies change buildings for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current space, or maybe you’re shifting some of your operations online and you don’t need as much room. Sometimes your location isn’t optimal for your target market anymore, and sometimes you can’t afford the property taxes in your city. Whatever your reasons for moving, you must take these steps before vacating your current building.

  1. Address Legal Issues

Many laws govern commercial properties, and before you move, you need to ensure that you’re in compliance with all of them. Have your building professionally inspected so you know what issues to resolve before selling it. Common problems include asbestos, lead paint, and out-of-code electrical wiring. If your building has special features such as a vault, make sure you file for vault abandonment approval New York City.

  1. Fix Damaged Property

Now that you’ve taken care of your legal issues, you must make sure that your building is in good condition. Once you’ve removed your furniture and equipment, check for damages throughout the entire building. You must repair holes in the walls and cracks in the windows and address health concerns such as mold infestations. Don’t forget to check for water damage under your roof and around your windows.

  1. Think About Aesthetics

Some parts of your building aren’t damaged or governed by laws but still need to be addressed before you move. Paint over all your walls so that they’re fresh for the next inhabitants unless your buyer requests that some rooms stay colorful. No one wants to see a bunch of tiny holes in the wall, so remove the nails you used to hang up pictures and spackle over all the holes. Consider having your floor professionally cleaned or waxed for an extra layer of polish.

  1. Clean Everything

Your final step is cleaning every part of your building. From the bathrooms to your entryway, every room needs to be thoroughly vacuumed and mopped. Wash the walls, sanitize your sinks and toilets, and dust light fixtures and stair railings. Invest in a cleaning service if you don’t have enough time for this step, but don’t skip it.

You want the people who own your building after you to enjoy it, and you have a legal responsibility to ensure that it’s safe. By taking these four actions before relocating your business, you avoid lawsuits and create a good professional relationship with your buyer.

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