Looking for a Jones Act Lawyer: Here is What to Consider

An injury while working at sea can be challenging to comprehend. Sometimes it can be tasking following up with your employer for cure and maintenance benefits provided by The United States Law. At the same time, you can seek further compensation for damages if the accident was due to negligence/.

When having claims due to naval injury, it would be best to hire a qualified Houston maritime attorney to aid you through the process. Apart from advice on what to do during the period, they are hands-on as they represent you in court and meet lawyers from the defendants. The maritime act allows seamen, passengers, and other ship workers to get compensation for injuries while at work.

Hiring a Maritime Lawyer

There are considerations when seeking compensation for maritime injury. You will need to fulfil the requirements for your claim validity. First, you must be a seaman and undertake your job on a ship or the port. Still, the accident must occur while the vessel was in the sea, and another person is at fault for the incident. An excellent legal representative will help protect your rights and look after your interests. So, it is essential to evaluate a legal expert before hiring them. Here are things to consider when looking for a Jones Act Lawyer;


The law is broad, and you cannot hire any lawyer when having claims for maritime injury. An attorney with skills in handling similar cases is the right choice. You can check their level of education and training to determine their expertise. Still, the law school, a legal practitioner went to is a factor to consider since the quality of education depends on the institution. Consider a lawyer who specializes in maritime laws. They will have the knowledge to help argue your case and ensure you succeed in the lawsuit.


Training will not be enough when handling complex cases. You will need an attorney with experience in maritime cases. Remember, the defendant will hire a team of lawyers to discredit your claims. It would help to have a legal representative who has been in the industry. Also, most cases will go through the litigation process before it settles. You would want a professional who has experience with the court proceeding.


It can be challenging to successfully go through a maritime claims lawsuit if you do not have money. Getting a doctor’s opinion on your injuries will require paying for the services. Sometimes you may need to go to different practitioners to get their professional view. The initiative is necessary to build a solid case against your employer.

Since a jones act lawyer will charge you a contingency fee, they can cover the costs during the case development. Your attorney will include the expenses in their payout. So, it would help to find a legal expert who can cater to the costs, especially if you do not have the means. However, both parties need to be clear about the agreement. Ensure you include all the details in the contract to avoid future problems when paying for the legal services.

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